"The uncanny ability to apply her craft and administrator care has made Dr. Stelmach my dentist not just for me but for my entire family."

– Rhianna Holmes

New Patient Evaluation


During your 1-hr first appointment as a new patient, you and Dr. Stelmach will have the time you need to discuss your dental concerns.  There will also be radiographs taken and a complete oral health evaluation.  Here are the 3 simple components of every new patient exam.


Collecting Your Dental Records

General dentist reviewing patient records

We begin your appointment by carefully reviewing any relevant medical history that could impact your dental health or treatment.  

dental x ray evaluation

The exam process starts with any necessary x-rays we need to thoroughly check and diagnose any conditions. 

Dental impression

Occasionally, the record collection process involves taking impressions.  Our office uses impression materials designed for comfort.


Your Check Up and Cleaning

The hygienist will do a head and neck exam to screen for oral cancer among other things. This head and neck exam is especially important for any patient with a history of smoking. At this first appointment, the hygienist will also take measurements around each tooth to determine the presence of any gum disease.

If indicated, the hygienist will usually complete the cleaning at the first appointment. Please note, however, that some patients are recommended to have a deeper cleaning for the treatment of gum disease. In this case, the patient would often schedule to start this deeper cleaning on another day. Gum disease is a chronic and progressive condition that can often go unnoticed until the damage is very severe. In this case, we may also recommend you return more often for a cleaning.

Patient receiving general dental check up


Discussing Your Findings and Results

Patient discussing results with general dentist

During the new patient appointment, you will also meet Dr. Stelmach. She will complete your exam and address any areas of concern as well as answering any questions you may have. Based on the findings, you and her will work together to come up with the best treatment plan to improve and maintain your oral health. The front desk can then give you an estimate of any out of pocket cost as well as available appointment times at your convenience. You may also be interested in the financing
options we offer.

After your appointment, should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call our office. We are always here to support you.