Straighter teeth represent more than a pretty smile.

The majority of people have some degree of crowding or other imbalances caused by the position of their teeth. Aside from crowding, teeth may meet in a way that causes damage over time. Achieving a beautiful smile is just one benefit of straightening teeth.

When teeth are crowded, not only can it look unsightly, it also negatively affects the health of the teeth and gums. Areas of overlapping teeth are harder to clean and therefore more prone to problems such as decay and gum disease. At your next appointment, the hygienist can take pictures inside your mouth to help show you any areas of concern caused by crowding.

Another possible effect of crooked teeth is excessive wear caused by any imbalances. When the bite is not balanced, some teeth take more force than others. This can cause the loss of tooth structure over time. We can often show you this kind of damage with pictures as well. Any imbalances in the bite can also put the jaw joint at risk and contribute to the development of TMJ disorder. Sometimes these imbalances exist without crowding such as when there is an excessive overbite or an open bite where some teeth don’t touch like they should.

Ratio for ideal smile

Here at Tidewater Dental Arts, we offer state-of-the-art treatment with Invisalign, the highest quality of invisible aligners on the market. There are some advantages to using removable clear aligners to straighten teeth versus traditional metal braces. Most patients appreciate that clear aligners are barely visible for cosmetic reasons. Because they are removable, patients are also able to more easily brush and floss their teeth. Invisalign technology has improved over the years making treatment times much shorter as well. Many cases can be completed within 6 months. Not all clear aligner systems are created equal. There are now several competitors on the market that skip the visit to the dentist and send the aligners directly to the patient. Before undertaking any orthodontic treatment, the patient should be evaluated by their dentist to make sure no other treatment is needed such as fillings or gum therapy. Clear aligner treatment in the dental office is also more involved.

For example, your treatment may include the use of attachments placed on the teeth to help with complex movements making your results much more predictable. Throughout treatment, you will also return to the office every month or two to make sure the aligners are fitting properly. Although they may look the same, the material in the Invisalign aligners is also superior to other brands. Please let us know if you are interested. We can discuss your treatment and financial options. We would first take impressions and pictures to send off. The company then creates a computer-generated 3D treatment plan showing what kind of result you can expect and how long it would take. We will also discuss financing options. Prior to any commitment, you will know what treatment can do for you and how much it will cost.